Kiper Umarekawaru Health Mat (PRE-ORDER)

Umarekawaru Health Mat 

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Umarekawaru Health Mat

Kiper Umarekawaru Health Mat

Kiper Umarekawaru Health Mat is a massage mat which becoming famous in office worker, elderly and also yoga enthusiasm. Are you suffering from lack of sleep, fatigue, low energy or muscle soreness? This Kiper Umarekawaru Health Mat is your best choice to significantly give you relax, relieve and energy!

Enjoy your self massage with Kiper Umarekawaru Health Mat!

Why you need Kiper Umarekawaru Health Mat? 

Problems you might suffering now...

✔ Upper back pain

✔ Headache

✔ Muscle soreness

✔ Lack of sleep

✔ Fatigue and tiredness

✔ Weak digestion

Use Kiper Umarekawaru Health Mat 20 minutes per day to make your life healthier, better and say goodbye to pain! It is flexible to use depends on your need!

✔ Fullbody - Provides whole body self-massage and relaxation

✔ Portable - Light and easy to carry

✔ Washable - Easy removal cover

✔ Odor free - Organic linen fabric

The function of Kiper Umarekawaru Health Mat includes: 

✔ Soothe upper back pain and headache 

✔ Relax muscle tension and soreness 

✔ Improve sleep and increase energy level 

✔ Relieve fatigue and stress

✔ Improve blood circulation & increase blood flow 

✔ Speed up and improve metabolism

TPE Material

✔ Skin friendly - Safe to use and harmless to your skin

✔ Eco friendly - No side effect to our environment

Cotton Fabric

✔ Odor free - Organic cotton fabric which is odourless

✔ High elastic - Provides maximum comfort 

Size and dimension


Direction to use: 

Kiper Umarekawaru Health Mat is flexible to use depends on your need!

You can stand, sit and even sleep on the Kiper Umarekawaru Health Mat to restore your energy everyday!

Lie down on the mat and put your head on the pillow 

- To relieve your neck soreness or pain & To relax your back, front and relieve fatigue

Stand on mat

- To enjoy foot massage and promote the blood circulation

Shipping & Delivery

We ship to these countries: 

 Malaysia, Singapore, USA, Australia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia 

 For delivery duration: 

39 working days delivery


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