Kiper Premium Support V2

Kiper Premium Support V2

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Lower Back Brace

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Dato Master Chris Leong demonstrated how using this one little "MAGIC" can help to set your POSTURE right and fix BACKPAIN. 

Approved by Master Chris - Tried & tested by the world renowned bone-setting specialist Master Chris Leong. Kiper Lower Back Brace is perfect for those who are always complaining about having no time for treatment.

Stronger Back with 0 effort - Build a stronger, healthier back and spine effortlessly with Kiper. It takes only 4 simple steps to straighten your spine while sitting even without seatback.

Retrain Your Posture - Kiper retrain your body and mind to maintain healthy posture. Over time, right posture can happen naturally, and you can easily feel the changes it has over you.  

Instant back pain solution - Kiper helps you to sit comfortably in perfect posture, ease your back pain & retrain your default posture.Just use it for 15 mins to 30 mins a day for maximum result. 

Makes every chair ergonomic - Forget about spending thousands on expensive chairs, this one little Kiper can be used at anywhere; chairs, chairs without seatback, even on the floor.  

Comfortable - It is so comfortable when you put on it that it as if you are having a masseur massaging your back. It just pulls you back at the right part of the body where you normally feel sore. 

Portable - Zip it up into a small little pouch and carry everywhere you go, you can even put into your handbag or your backpack which you travel, it is super convenient!  

Healthy posture anytime anywhere for everyone - Put Kiper for your day-to-day activity that requires long duration of sitting. No matter it's meditation, working, watching TV or reading, Kiper can cover your back.

Shoulder Corrector V2

Compare with V1

Master Chris Approved - Recommended by Dato Master Chris Leong, Master Frederick and many others. Kiper Shoulder Corrector is perfect for those who are always complaining about having no time for treatment.

Effortless Shoulder Alignment - Align your shoulders back its proper posture in just 3 seconds.

Wearing recommendation - Wear Shoulder Corrector for 30 minutes each time to train your body and mind into correct posture. Longer duration without taking break at appropriate intervals might lead to strains and discomfort. Rest assured 30 minutes is enough to improve your posture.

Muscle Pain Reliever - Besides realigning your vertebrae, Kiper strengthens your muscle to prevent further damage.

Ideal for Scoliosis & Lower Back Injury - Has the ability to gradually improve the condition of scoliosis and lower back injury (provided constant wearing over a long period of time)

Build & Enhance Core Muscles - Over time, Kiper develops muscle memory which leads to keeping your back straight even without the posture corrector.

Suitable for anyone: Posture corrector with perfect correct posture brace for women & men to prevent cervical and thoracic conditions.

Anti-hunchback - Prevents you from hunching especially for many of us who would naturally slide into that posture when we are looking at our phone.

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We ship to these countries: 

 Malaysia, Singapore, USA, Australia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia 

 For delivery duration: 

 3 to 5 working days delivery (Malaysia) 

7 to 9 working days (Singapore)

15 to 25 days (Other Countries) 

How to Use Kiper?

Lower Back Brace Instructions

  1. Sit & Wrap
    Kiper zips itself into a portable case. Throw it in your bag and unpack it when you're ready to sit. 

  2. Align
    Place both feet flat on the floor (it's ergonomic!). Wrap the back pad around your body and hook the knee pads over your knees. 

  3. Adjust
    Lean your chest forward and grab the adjustable leg straps. Then, sit up straight while you pull on the straps to tighten and vertically stack your spine into perfect posture.

  4. Clip (Optional)
    Slide the left strap into the center clip to keep your legs together. Pull the center clip towards your body until you feel awesome. 

Shoulder Corrector Instructions

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