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Kiper Lower Back Brace Treatment (Express)

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    PainFree solution Endorsed by Dato Master Chris Leong

    Kiper Lower Back Treatment (Single pack)

    Seeking a quick relief for your backache? Use Kiper Lower Back Treatment to alleviate your pain and accelerate muscle healing.

    Unlike usual hot pack and cold pack, Kiper Lower Back Treatment is specially designed with high-quality pearl gel that readily switches between heat and cold treatment.

    This semi-fluid pearl-like gel has high efficacy to abosrb or release considerable amount of heat from the surroundings, making it readily interchange between heat and cold treatment within short span of time, as short as 30 seconds.

    Heat treatment facilitates muscle relaxation, soothing body stiffness, relieving soreness, spasm and pain.

    Cold treatment promotes muscle recovery after workouts as well as subsiding pain, swelling and inflammation after fresh injury.

    Achieve excellent recovery by applying your desired treatment at ease.Time to make professional back treatment available to you in any form, anytime, and anywhere you need! 

    Kiper Lower Back Brace (Holder)

    Upgraded with HOLDER - Kiper Essentials Lower Back Brace is now upgraded with Holder for treatment pack. Click here to find out how the treatment set works.

    Sit comfortably in perfect posture. Ease back pain & retrain your default posture. 

    Just use it for 15 mins to 30 mins a day for maximum result!

    Sit comfortably in perfect posture. Ease back pain & retrain your default posture. 

    Just use it for 15 mins to 30 mins a day for maximum result!

    Master Chris Approved - Tried & tested by the world renown Master Chris Leong, perfect for those who are always complaining about having no time for treatment. 

    Comfortable - It is so comfortable when you put on it that it as if you are having a masseur massaging your back. It just pulls you back at the right part of the body where you normally feel sore.

    Makes every chair ergonomic - Forget about spending thousands on expensive chairs, this one little kiper can be used at anywhere; chairs, chairs without seatback, even on the floor. 

    Retrain Your Posture - we have been sitting in the wrong lazy posture for so long that sometimes it could be hard to force it right, with Kiper Essentials Lower Back brace, you can do it naturally, you would not even realize the changes it has over you when you wear it over time. 

    Stronger Back with 0 effort - Build a stronger and healthier back effortlessly today with Kiper

    Portable - Zip it up into a small little pouch and carry everywhere you go, you can even put into your handbag or your backpack which you travel, it is super convenient!

    Kiper Essentials Lower Back Brace XL can support up to 50-inch waist.


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