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Kiper Junior Ultra

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Kiper Ultra Lift

Kiper X JFT Ultra Lift provides the optimal support you need for your children’s back while they are growing up. Throughout their schooling age, children’s spines are the most delicate as they undergo rapid and critical development. Unfortunately, many children suffer from bad posture due to heavy school bags. 

In 2019, we promote Kiper X JFT Ultra Lift to help children to dampen the weight over their shoulders, hence allowing a healthier and more comprehensive growth of the spines. With the notion that children’s spines should be progressing without any restrictions, Kiper X JFT Ultra Lift makes the invisible helping hands to uplift your children’s bags while they are away from your supervision.

Children’s spines should be progressing without any restrictions, Kiper effortlessly reduces your bag burden (pressure) which would otherwise be bore by our school-going children, preventing any fatigue and suppression that causes long term damage to their spine.

 Kiper Ultra Lift provides the care you and your children need for your shoulders, back and spine while carrying your bag.

Decompression & Dispersion - Pressure dispersion technology to reduce bag burden for up to 50%. 

Massage Provided - 3D air chambers which massaging your shoulders while reducing the bag burden at the same time as you walk. 

Breathable Material - Provide extra comfort and greater ventilation of the bag straps.

Universal Design - Compatible over 90% types of backpack.

Strong adhesion - Embedded with adjustable velcro and the wide straps can adhere firmly to your backpack.

Massage as you walk - 3D air chambers provides gentle compression that masages your shoulders while walking.

Night safety enhancement - Maximize visibility at night with reflective tags on the straps to get noticed by drivers and riders.

Kiper Junior Upright

Kiper Junior Upright is a wearable support that gives your children perfect posture at all time. Specially designed for children aged between 6 and 13, Kiper Junior Upright holds the body trunk and spinal column into optimal postural alignment, ergonomically preventing children from slouching and hunching due to reasons such as studying or smartphone usage. 

Do you know that poor posture can cause these problems? 

✔ Restricted Breathing 

✔ Distorted Body Growth 

 Constriction of Nerves

✔ Uneven Leg Length 

✔ Slouching & Hunch Back 

✔ Uneven Shoulders

Wearing recommendation - 2 hours each day to train your body and mind into correct posture. 

Supreme Grade Padding - Enhanced cushioned pads which reducing the friction against the body to provide a more comfortable support.

Elastic Memory Grip - Intercrossing mesh promotes maximum flexibility to contract the muscles backwards and downwards.

Duplex Strengthening Frame - Reinforced with lateral belt & intersecting straps with maximum straightening and correction effect.

Customization & Adjustable Strength - Adjustable straps with premium velcro provides a more comfortable wearing experience with maximum support strength.

Durable & Strong Adhesiveness - Combined hook-and-look fasteners and premium velcro provides stronger adhesiveness.

Resilient Spinal Rods - Elastic and heavy-duty skeletal rods gives an extra external support to the spinal column as well as provides a perfectly straight alignment.

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We ship to these countries: 

 Malaysia, Singapore, USA, Australia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia 

 For delivery duration: 

 39 days for pre-order

Questions & Answers (Ultra Lift)

  1. Can it fit my bag? 
    Kiper Ultra Lift are compatible with most strap types and sizes, and we have tested with most of the backpacks, shoulder bags, or any other bags that utilize straps. If you are not sure about it, please feel free to contact us at

  2. Who should be using Kiper Ultra Lift?
    Kiper Ultra Lift is suitable for frequent bag carriers, ranging from school children, to adults who carry their bags around for work, travel and recreational purpose. The universal design of Kiper Ultra Lift makes it applicable for any bags regardless it's targeting for children or adults. 

  3.  What are the materials used to make the straps?
    The straps are a combination of durable materials such as neoprene, nylon, and velcro. They are specifically chosen to withstand heavy usage, such as hiking, biking, running, and your everyday wear and tear.

  4. Can Kiper Ultra Lift withstand any weather conditions such as rain, moisture and heat?
    Built with durable and micro-porous breathable material, Kiper Ultra Lift is sturdy against any weather conditions. Contacting with moisture or liquid will dampen the straps, but rest assured it does not affect the durability and the strength of pressure dispersion of the straps. 
  5. How does it help to reduce the weight or pressure of my bag?
    Applying the technology of thick-cushioned arrays of air-chamber with the ergonomic design on human body, Kiper Ultra Lift reduces the impact caused by your bags against your shoulders and consequently, make your bags feel much lighter than it’s supposed to be.

  6. How long will the straps last? 
    We select durable materials and premium fabric while manufacturing Kiper Ultra Lift. With that, the straps can last for years with proper care (as long as the air chambers are not poked deliberately with sharp objects). If you are looking for extra protection, you may add-on for waterproof layer, which shields your straps against weathers and spillages.

  7. Can I return the straps if I found defects?
    Kiper Ultra Lift carries a 365-day warranty. If you notice any defects of the product within this period, especially upon receiving the products, please feel free to contact us at For defects due to workmanship and production, we will be replacing a brand new straps for you 

Questions & Answers
(Junior Upright)

  1. Should Kiper Junior Upright be worn beneath or outside the shirt?
    Kiper Junior Upright is compatible with both inner and outer usage, depending on the comfort level and activity of your children. It is highly recommended that the brace to be worn outside the shirt to prevent built-up of moisture due to sweating.Yet, if your children are more comfortable with wearing it inwards, do feel free to unfasten the brace if your children are sweating a lot and feeling uneasy. 

  2. How long should Kiper Junior Upright be worn?
    Kiper Junior Upright is best to be worn for at least 30 minutes a day to see the correction effects. As the brace functions as postural correction, there could be a slight uneasiness in the beginning of wearing it because the muscles take time to adapt to the correct posture. It is always recommended to keep wearing the brace despite having such uneasiness, yet if there is any intense discomfort or spiking pain, please take off the brace immediately for the muscles to relax. 

  3. What are the materials used to make the brace?
    Kiper Junior Upright is a combination of durable materials such as neoprene, nylon, and velcro. They are specifically chosen to withstand frequent usage that counters everyday wear and tear. 

  4. How does it help to correct body posture?
    Combining the technology of Resilient Spinal Rods, Elastic Memory Grip and Duplex Strengthening Frame, Kiper Junior Upright functions by pulling the muscles of body trunk backwards and downwards to the perfect alignment of human anatomy, reducing the possibility of hunching and slouching.

  5. Can I return the brace if I found defects?
    Yes, please feel free to contact us at if you notice any defects of the product upon receiving it. For defects due to workmanship and production, we will be replacing a brand new brace for you. 


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