Our Story

Dear friend who's interested with Kiper, I'm Jon, the founder of Kiper. Before the official launch of the revolutionary back pain and posture corrector magic, please allow me to share with you about the story behind our belief with Master Chris Leong - to relieve 100,000 people from back pain.

Why it started
Many people asked, "Jon, why do you invest so much time and effort to start up Kiper?" It all started with a strong yet personal motivation, revolving around myself and the people around me that I dearly care about.

I used to have severe back injury due to wrong posture while working out in the gym. My niece suffers from scoliosis at very young age, and I've seen her feeling extremely uncomfortable with the braces around her. My girlfriend's late mother, whom I respect a lot, suffered from bone cancer, and got bed-ridden for months before she passed away.

Back issues are not something new, there's always someone around us that has limitations with their back or spine. Ironically, most of these back issues are actually preventable and curable. Yet, people are holding back from the treatments due to ignorance, inconveniences, inaccessibility and unaffordability.

Without good spine health, we can't really enjoy our life to the fullest. And this prompted me into thinking, that I wanted to do something about spinal health and back support, which gives birth to the idea of starting Kiper, and leads us to Malaysia's leading bone setting specialist, Master Chris Leong.

What we have done with Master Chris Leong
Since January 2018, we have been working closely with Master Chris Leong in innovating the equipments and braces of back support. We found the missing parts of existing products, that make it much less effective, costly and ergonomic to use.

With rounds and rounds of prototyping and refinement, we have finally designed the most ideal solution for back issues. This one product is something which we are so confident that we can replicate Master Chris’ helping hands to help more people, to eventually relieve 100,000 from back issues.

Hence, we are extremely excited to get you onboard with us!
Do you have similar stories or struggles with back issues? If you do have, please share your condition with us and what you wish to get from Kiper. If you wish to, we will get the advice and suggestion from our team of chiropractors on your condition too, including Master Chris!

Also, don't forget to start suggesting your friends for Kiper! The launching date is just around the corner, wait no more and act now!