Kiper Essentials Shoulder Corrector (3 Days Delivery)

Kiper Essentials Shoulder Corrector


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Shoulder Corrector

Master Chris Approved - Recommended by Dato Master Chris Leong, Master Frederick and many others. Kiper Shoulder Corrector is perfect for those who are always complaining about having no time for treatment.

Effortless Shoulder Alignment - Align your shoulders back its proper posture in just 3 seconds.

Muscle Pain Reliever - Besides realigning your vertebrae, Kiper strengthens your muscle to prevent further damage.

Ideal for Scoliosis & Lower Back Injury - Has the ability to gradually improve the condition of scoliosis and lower back injury (provided constant wearing over a long period of time)


Build & Enhance Core Muscles -  Over time, Kiper develops muscle memory which leads to keeping your back straight even without the posture corrector.

Suitable for anyone: Posture corrector with perfect correct posture brace for women & men to prevent cervical and thoracic conditions.

Anti-hunchback - Prevents you from hunching especially for many of us who would naturally slide into that posture when we are looking at our phone. 

Instant relief & posture correction for your shoulders  

Your day-to-day activity might be burdening to your shoulders, take a look at how Kiper changes this around!  

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We ship to these countries: 

 Malaysia, Singapore, USA, Australia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia 

 For pre-order delivery duration: 

 For delivery duration:3 to 5 working days delivery (Malaysia)

 7 to 9 working days (Singapore)

15 to 25 days (Other Countries)   

How to Use Kiper?

Shoulder Corrector Instructions

Instant relief & posture correction for your shoulders

Your day-to-day activity might be burdening to your shoulders, take a look at how Kiper changes this around!

3 Seconds To Improve Your Posture

In just 3 seconds, correct your shoulder posture, and get rid of the soreness and painm almost immediately!