Kiper Affiliate Program

Wish to earn extra income with Kiper?

Do you find Kiper PainFree products useful, and can't wait to share it around your circle? Wish to earn some extra money with Kiper products? Here's the special deal that we have for advocates like you!

... more than just monetary rewards

Since the launch of Kiper in 2018, we know that there are still many people that are experiencing body pain without a proper solutions. All these while with rounds of innovations and reviews received, we are certain that our products can help in relieving their conditions and making PainFree living possible for them.

Yet, what we can achieve by ourselves is finite. To expand our capacity to get more people informed about the solutions we have, and to free them from poor posture and body pain, we need more like-minded minds to make this happen together.   

Together we make PainFree living possible

Knowing that together we can achieve more, we are creating this initiative to open up for passionate people like you to join our team as affiliates. As affiliates, all we need from you is to promote Kiper products in your circle to let more people know us.

Your role is merely spreading your words, and we will be handling all the customer queries, production, quality control, delivery and after-sales services.

Get unlimited rewards and satisfaction

With each successful referral made, you will be rewarded with 10% commissions from the sales amount. All records are traceable and properly recorded in your affiliate dashboard.

Best part of all, there is no limit on how much you can earn. The more the merrier! By referring more friends to purchase, you're not only helping more people to lead a PainFree living, but also making a decent income for yourself! 

We grow and achieve as a team

Being one of our Kiper Affiliates, you will also receive the support and resources you need from us, to help you in achieving your goals. Our team is always by your side to assist whenever you need, so be rest assured if you face any doubts or challenges along the affiliate journey. 

Ready to join our PainFree family?

Starting your journey as Kiper affiliate is simple and easy. You just need to sign up with "BE PART OF US" button below and follow the guidelines to start earning.

Once you have created the account, you can start:

- sharing your referral link or coupon code to your circle

- receiving 10% commission for every purchase someone made using your link or coupon code

- if needed, you may customize the product link at the "Products" tab  

Contact us for any further inquiries

If you want to find out more on how the affiliate system or have any questions, feel free to approach us at Let's start this journey together!