Ever wondered what makes the most disheartening sight as parents? Take a look at this.

Heavy school bag is nothing new. In fact, we have been discussing about this issue for ages. Still, our children suffer from the burdening weight over their small shoulders. 

 According to a recent survey conducted by Kiper in March 2019, 81% of the parents complained their children carry a bag weighing more than 5kg to school every day.

What we might have lost sight, are the tolls that heavy bags have taken at our children.Some of these negative impacts, could lead to lifetime damage that tail along our children forever when they enter adulthood.


Helpless as it could seem, remember that you are not alone in this. 

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Let's act together now before it brings lifetime damage to your kids!

Here are the detrimental effects of heavy bag towards children:

1) Excessive strain in one's neck, back and shoulders

Improper used of backpacks that carry heavy loads will lead to a range of issues stemming from overburdening the muscles. Due to heavy bag, severe discomfort, sore and pain are normally felt at the areas of neck, shoulders and lower back.

2) Poor posture 

Take a close look at these warning signs of poor posture as it will lead to lasting damage to your children's spine when they grow up. Some examples of poor postures stemming from heavy bags include body or shoulders leaning forward, tilted head and rounded shoulders. Studies have also shown that children carrying heavy bags tend to have higher possibilities of hunching and slouching problem.

3) Muscle imbalances and distorted growth 

Heavy bags accelerate the progression of imbalanced muscle, especially if children carry the bags in an improper manner such as carrying it single-sidedly. Such unreasonable weight restricts the healthy development and growth of their muscles and spines, causing abnormalities and stunt growth which is deemed irreversible when they grow up.

4) Uneven shoulders and spinal problems

Statistics have shown that children carrying heavy bags are 9% more susceptible to droopy shoulders and significantly higher risk of misalignment of body trunk and spine. All these abnormalities become the roots to other more severe health issues such as poor blood circulation, stunt development of brain, deformed feet, breathing difficulties and pains due to suppression of nerves, spinal cord and spinal bones.

5) Psychological impacts and performance issues

Physical well-being is interlinked with physiological and psychological well-being. Many studies have found that children who developed poor posture have comparatively lower self confidence, self esteem and self worth compared with peers who do not experience same problem. Not only that, the discomfort, poor circulation and pain shrink their attention spans and vitality to perform and excel in academy and other aspects.


Your children do not have to go through these unnecessary detrimental effects. 

 We can turn this around together, and overcoming heavy bag problems can actually be simple. 

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Let's act together now before it brings lifetime damage to your kids!