4 Simple Ways to Prevent and/or Relieve Lower Back Pain (Part 1)

Lower Back Pain is no longer a mom's complaint. It is getting trendy and bothering more people, especially youngsters, mainly due to incorrect posture. When lower back pain comes, what will you do? 

No worries, follow these 4 simple ways to relieve and prevent lower back pain (from worsening). Let's begin!


#1 Have Stretching Breaks at Work

Prolonged sitting (or inactivity) could lead to lower back stiffness as stiffness is associated with pain.

To prevent/relieve lower back pain during work:

(i) stand and walk around after 30 minutes of work (this is to get the blood circulating to the entire body.) 

(ii) take the stretch break at the desk (as illustrated below)- do each for three times, each for a minimum 5 seconds. Ensure your back is upright and well-supported and feet flat on the floor.

#2 Relieve Lower back pain IMMEDIATELY with a chair

Lie on your back with your legs supported in a chair as shown below. Adjust the chair so that your knees point straight toward the ceiling at a 90-degree angle. This position helps to remove some pressure off the spine.


#3 While lying down/sleeping...

 (i) If you are sleeping on your back: place 2 pillows under your knees (to decrease the extension of the lower back.)

 (ii) If you are sleeping on your side: place 1-2 pillows between your knees (to keep your hips in a neutral position)

#4 Optimal Ergonomics for Desk Work

(i) Position of the computer/ laptop- make sure the top line of the text is closer to eye level.

(ii) Position of the keyboard - make sure your elbows are bent 90-degrees (in which the forearms are parallel to the floor).

(iii) Make your desk chair close to the keyboard so that you can sit against the back of your chair. It is to ensure your back is well-supported and aligned.

(iv) Sit with good posture-  tilt your pelvis forward out of the slumped position. Lift your chest so that your upper back is not rounded. Set your gaze straight forward to keep your neck in alignment. Then sit against the back of your chair.

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